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Summer Time Vacation: Road Side Safety Prep In Mitchell, Ontario

Summer Time Vacation - Road Side Safety Preparation With Perth County Chrysler

Travel is popular during the summer months. By boat, train, car or plane, you should be prepared for every situation that could occur during your seasonal travels. When travelling in a car during the summer months, special precautions should be taken to ensure your trip is easygoing and problem-free. Appropriate preparation can help reduce the likelihood of unfortunate mishaps and setbacks during your summertime vacation. At Perth County Chrysler. Located at 11 Huron Road in Mitchell, Ontario, we proudly serve the residents of Mitchell, Exeter, Goderich, Listovel, New Hamburg, and surrounding areas of Ontario. Our customers are always seeking our advice and recommendations. Here are a few tips on how to get ready for the road:

Plan Ahead

It is undeniable that proper planning can aide in your plan going off smoothly without a hitch. A lack of planning is a recipe for disaster, especially when it comes to summertime travel. Make sure your vehicle is in good condition for travel. If necessary, schedule a service to check up on your vehicle's engine, fluid levels and parts to avoid major breakdowns. Pack your vehicle with emergency roadside items on top so they are easy to get to in the event of a breakdown or malfunction.

In addition to physical planning, create a mental plan for your trip. Map out the route you will travel, plan for any construction along the way and prepare for any detours or major diversions. A car safety kit in Mitchell can help prepare for any, literal, bumps in the road that may require additional care along the way.

Schedule A Service

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Checking Wiper Blades

In charge of keeping a driver's area of vision clean, wiper blades are an important vehicle component. They are also parts that may not be easily replaced, depending on your location. Carrying a backup pair of wiper blades or changing them out before leaving on vacation can help ensure their condition for the length of the summer vacation.

Proper Rest

Nothing is more dangerous on the road than a tired and fatigued driver. When driving for hours on end, it may become easy for drivers to become drowsy, making them hazardous on the road. Leaving early in the morning may cause drivers to become tired in the afternoon, as well. Pull over if you feel fatigued, and take a short nap or let another passenger drive for a bit. In order for a family vacation to be fun, you must first make it there safely.

Questions About Summer Time Vacation Trips in a Car

What should I keep in my car for roadside emergencies?

While there are a few standard items that should be kept in your vehicle that might come handy during an emergency, others pertain to the passengers within the vehicle. Common emergency roadside safety kits in Mitchell, Ontario, include:

  • Jumper Cables
  • First Aid Kit
  • Roadside Flares or Triangle Reflectors
  • A Flashlight with Extra Batteries
  • Spare Tire and Tire Iron

Additional items that passengers should pack in case of an emergency might include:

  • Warm Clothes
  • Sneakers
  • Portable or Solar Phone Charger
  • Extra Doses of Any Vital Medications
  • Water and Snacks

What should be in a roadside emergency kit?

Though a car emergency kit available in Exeter will include a comprehensive package of necessary items, buyers can save money and time by putting their own kits together at home. In addition to the previously-mentioned items, consider including these in your car emergency kit:

  • Portable Battery with Jumper Cables
  • Blankets or Space Blanket
  • Tool Kits That Include Screwdrivers, Pliers, Ratchet Sets and Wrenches
  • Energy or Granola bars
  • Nitrile and/or Leather Gloves

Come See Us at Perth County Chrysler

When you are in the middle of getting summer road trip ready, don't forget about Perth County Chrysler. We can help save time and money by ordering parts through our parts department, performing maintenance in our service department and making deals on a new road trip vehicle with our new inventory. If you are interested in financing with us, buying parts or components online or scheduling a service, get in touch with us. We are here to help get your vehicle in tip-top shape and road-trip ready this summer.

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