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Tips for Driving When Glare is a Problem

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Tips for Driving When Glare is a Problem

Bright lights, glare, worsening vision, and light sensitivity can create problems when driving at night. Follow these tips to help keep you safe on the road.

A Clean Car is a Safer Car When Driving at Night

Keep your windshield and mirrors clean and clear so they can distribute light better and you will have improved visibility.

Don't forget about your wiper blades, either. Dirt and grime can stick to them. Check them periodically and clean them when you clean your windshield.

Utilize the Features of Your Car to Block Out Glare and Reduce Light Contrast

Most cars have a night setting for the rearview mirror. Turn it on when driving at night; it will help block out glare from cars shining their headlights behind you.

Many vehicles also have the option of dimming interior lights and the dashboard console. This can help reduce light contrast and sensitivity when you are out late.

Avoid Looking Directly at Bright Objects

When you are driving in the dark, it is almost inevitable that you will encounter a bright object sooner or later. If you see a luminous thing, try to look away from it. Experts recommend you look down and to the right if another car passes you and shines their high beam at you.

If you are sensitive to digital billboards, you can try to block them with your sun visor or keep as considerable a distance as possible from them to reduce their impact on your vision.

Move Your Eyes Around and Give Them Time to Adjust to Decreasing Light When Driving at Night

If you are driving long distances or are focused on a destination, you should periodically move your eyes from side to side. This will help you be more aware of your environment as you are driving.

Our eyes take time to adjust from bright environments to lower-light environments. If it is getting darker or you just stepped outside from a brightly lit building, it is a good idea to give your eyes some time to adjust to the lower light settings.

Keep Your Car Ready for Nighttime Driving

Feel free to contact us if you need a full car wash, windshield wiper blade replacement, headlight restoration, or something else. Our Service Centre will get your car clean and ready for nighttime driving.

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